Nail Care

The nail care range was introduced with 13 treatments and continue to serve without complaints for its best formula in the market.

01Bio2 Harderner
  • Instantly protects and hardens the nail plate by forming an extremely hard and shiny shield resistant to water penetration.
  • Water-proof to protect and reduce water penetration in the film and the nail plate.
02Bio2 Vitamin Booster Top Coat
  • Hardening, improves the condition of the nail after 4 weeks of regular use
  • Hydrates and helps improve nail suppleness
  • Anti-oxidizing hydration
03Smoothing Base
  • Anti-oxidizing, hydrating helps maintain nail suppleness
04No More Yellow
  • Yellowed, discolored, stained nails whether natural or artificial
  • Removes yellowness and brightens nails
  • Keeps acrylic nails looking white and bright
  • Easy application, quick drying time
05Matte Top Coat
  • Create limitless matte color options or nail art effects
  • Instantly transform any nail polish into a matte finish at a stroke
  • Create unique nail art effects or innovative French Manicure style by contrasting parts of your nail make-up in a matte finish
06Plumping Top Coat
  • Creates a gel-look effect adding volume to the nail color
07Instant Base
  • Ultra Fast Dry adhesive base coat
  • Increase wear for long lasting results
  • Prevents nail staining
  • Limits water penetration and reduces nail splitting
08Top Shine Top Coat
  • Adds shine to the colored nail polish
  • Refreshes color when applied between manicures
  • Quick to dry and easy to apply
095 in 1 Liquid Instant Nail
  • Can be used as a base coat, hardener and ridge filler
  • Increases nail strength
10Nail Grow Spa
11Pure Gold Elixir
12SOS Correct & Conceal
13Pure Gold Hardener




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